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The Next Chapter: Kyoto, Japan

November 13, 2010

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Apologies for the extended absence but at last: I have returned. I am currently in the fabled, ancient city of Kyoto, Japan where I have now been for the last twenty one days; having officially started my postdoctoral research position in the Quantum Optoelectronics Laboratory of Professor Susumu Noda at Kyoto University. Life in Japan is, needless to say, quite a bit different from life in North America where previously my educational journey took me to the wonderfully vibrant cities of Toronto and Boston. Kyoto stands out as unequivocally having the longest-storied history and being the most culturally sophisticated urban environment that I have had the merry fortune of experiencing for an extended period of time. The enchanting shrines, hallowed temples, pristine parks, rolling grand hills enveloping the basin and pulsating city life imbue this former Imperial capital with a refinement worthy of its place as the cultural epicenter of the nation. I will attempt to provide a glimpse into this majestic city from the perspective of an inquisitive ronin. Let the journey begin.


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